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2023 Back To School Event

2023 has been an extraordinary year for us at We Are All of the Above as we hosted our 4th annual Back to School Extravaganza at Randolph Park in Dublin, Virginia on July 23rd. As you know, our goal is to have a positive impact on our youth in the community. Inflation has created challenges in many households this year, which makes it even more important for us to serve our community.

Thanks to an impressive amount of donations from support across the country, WAAOTA was able to provide backpacks, numerous supplies, socks, lunch, including some fabulous cupcakes to over one hundred families in the Pulaski County area. THIS WAS OUR MOST SUCCESSFUL YEAR YET! Let’s hear from a couple of our team members on why our event was so special to them.

For me, it was the excitement on their faces as the kids got to pick out their bookbag. My only wish is that we could have done more by giving out backpacks to all the kids that were able to attend our event,” said WAAOTA Secretary Kasmira.

It was the look of relief on parent’s faces knowing their kids would have the tools they need to start a successful school years. Also, I noticed how the kids were happier when they left because the anxiety of not having school supplies was lifted,” stated WAAOTA Vice President Sean.

"I love being able to provide our kids with what they need to head back to school with confidence. I also love the relief that providing these supplies gives parents who might not have been able to provide them. I love that it has become a community event where the community comes together and takes care of each other. All walks of life making sure the kids have what they need, enjoying lunch and time in the park. I look forward to growing the event each and every year," said WAAOTA President Christiana.

We are already hard at work brainstorming on how we can make our 2024 Back to School Extravaganza even more phenomenal than this year with new activities and a goal to support even more kids in our community. This is just a teaser for now, so please continue to check our website and follow our social media for future announcements!

Last but certainly not least, we would like to extend a HUGE Thank You to the following heroes that made a difference in our community through donations and supported us this year:

MTM, Inc., Roanoke Pride, Thomas Smith, Susan Blankenship, Shannan Smith, Mandy Collins Thompson, Jess Smith, Terence McBride, Lisa Boze, Meghan McMillen, Sabrina Davidson-Ratcliffe,Melinda Gallimore, Aaron Haefele, Andrew Carlson, Lorie Cox, Dylan Kirby, Candace Christner, Abbi Carrico, Amber Johnson, Lesli Thomas, Clara and Darren Huff,and Michele Ren.

A special shout out goes to Wild Fern Photography for capturing so many special moments throughout our event. We appreciate you!


2023 Back To School Event
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